My top 5 wedding hairstyles

This is my way of procrastinating when I should be actually booking a hairdresser for my wedding day. Part of the reason I haven’t done it already is because I can’t seem to decide how to have my hair for the day. So, in a bid to try and figure out what style I want, here are 5 of my favourite bridal hairstyles, and serious contenders for my wedding day.

Serious talk though, searching for ‘Boho Wedding Hair’ on Pinterest will be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make. Get ready for some serious hair porn.

All photos are from Pinterest.


The Updo



Long & Flowing



The Bun



The Pony



The Plait



I don’t know why I thought doing this would help. If anything, it’s made it worse. Damn it. #sendhelp!


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